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 We can bring Clarit.y to your business in the U.S. Medical Device Market 


Let us help your business in the US Medical market by working with you to develop a solid business plan based on a market assessment that will lead to a successful execution of the plan. Our associates have extensive experience running businesses in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  From devices to pharmaceuticals we have helped launch and in some cases kept companies from launching products based on in-depth assessments of the potential of the market, cost of entry, competition, reimbursement and distribution potential. 

So your product works well in its home market 

There are significant differences in the needs and values reflected in the various medical market segments in the United States. Also regulatory hurdles may be quite different from those that you are used to.  We can help you chart a course to understand who the customer is for the product, what their values are and how you might access them.

You are a US manufacturer with no medical experience 

 Look to us to help you understand the market. Each medical discipline has different access points.  Just because the product is in health care, do not be trapped into thinking all the medical disciplines are the same. Strangely enough they respond in more different ways than you might imagine. 




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